Strategies and Objectives


1st strategy: To develop the quality of educational management system and to maintain good governance.

2nd strategy: To develop and enhance the quality of lecturers, staff members, and students

3rd strategy: To enhance the quality and standard of teaching and learning activities by using a learner-centered approach.

4th strategy: To develop and maintain the quality of research works and to conduct research on educational administration.

5th Strategy: To provide useful academic services that truly meet the need of communities.

6th Strategy: To maintain and preserve culture, ways of life, and practices of local communities.


1. To produce graduates who have knowledge and abilities in the development of curriculums and the provision of teaching and learning activities for educational institutes, both in formal and informal educational system. These curriculums and teaching and learning activities are expected to inspire learners to continuously seek for more knowledge and enable them to live with others peacefully via moral practices.

2. Graduates are expected to be leaders of the communities who conduct research with the aims to build new bodies of knowledge on the development of curriculums and teaching and learning activities that facilitate life-long learning.

3. Graduates will be taught and trained to commit themselves for life-long learning and be able to use information technology to search for information and develop teaching and learning activities.